Ways to Know If She is Flirting

It’s pretty tough to be a guy sometimes. You see a good looking girl across the room and you immediately begin to wonder if you should make a move – the only way to be sure it’s worth it is to keep these ten ways to know if she is flirting in mind.
Not only will it help you weed out the ones who are interested from the ones who aren’t, your chances of making a love connection are that much greater when you finally do step over and introduce yourself.
Smiling Early and Often
Before you ever decide to approach the woman you have your eye on, it’s important that she grins at you at least twice. Why? Well, first of all, you want to be sure you were the person she was laying eyes on and, more importantly, she is much more likely to be flirting with you if she does so multiple times. If she does nothing but smile once you begin talking to her, you are in.

10 Ways to Know If She is Flirting

Primping and Posing
This is frequently a subtle byproduct of finding someone attractive, a subconscious relic from the time when we were closer to animals than humans – doing our best to appear as appealing as possible. Men do it, but women are even more likely to accentuate features they find most comfortable with in order to get your attention. It might be standing in a certain way or even tilting her head to one side, so be on the lookout.
Laughing a Little Too Much
You’re funny, right? You can tell a good joke and have your buddies rolling from time to time, but does every one of your funny stories make them laugh out loud? Probably not. If she is flirting with you, it will seem as if she finds everything you say hilarious. Though you will be tempted to take it as an ego boost, just realize that it’s more about her wanting you to ask her out than anything.
Reflective Postures
Let’s say the two of you are at a party with several mutual friends and were introduced not too long after you arrived. Maybe you’ve talked a little, but now everyone is gathered to freshen up their drinks. As others discuss their points of view, have a look at how she is standing. Even as she listens to someone else talk, you’ll notice her body is slightly pointed towards you if she is flirting. It’s a strange quirk of human nature, but a reliable hint as to where her mind is really at.

Checking With You
Keep the image of all your friends hanging out in the kitchen for a moment. You’ve noticed she is reflecting you a little, but the clincher will be in her eyes. Is she looking at you? As a friend tells a joke, does she steal a glance to make sure you are laughing, too? You may think it isn’t much of anything, but it’s a major clue she is flirting with you – she wants your approval and is hoping you are “on the same team.”
Breaking the Touch Barrier
One of the best ways to tell if she is into you happens when she reaches out to touch you. Though you could be hoping she approaches you for a kiss as soon as possible, the reality is she will be much less direct when she first begins to invade your personal space. She will rest her hand on your shoulder to get your attention. She might brush against you as she walks past. She may even grab your wrist and lead you outside for some fresh air.
In any event, this is a signal she is hoping to move forward – ask her out and seal the deal within a few minutes.
Moving in Close
People naturally lean towards someone when they are interested in what that person has to say. We can’t help it. However, the addition of some physical attraction brings this to a whole other level. If she is flirting with you, she’ll slowly creep up to you more and more. By the end of the conversation, you might be nearly whispering to each other, depending on how loud it is where you two are together. It is a subconscious move, but she is attempting to have you all to herself – a very good sign.
Furtive Looks
Most men will admit women are the fairer sex – and those who don’t are lying. Instinctively, ladies are experts in nonverbal communication. She can speak volumes with her eyes and, if you look closely, you will notice she takes on a distinct tone when she is flirting with you. For example, she might drop her chin, look at you sideways and smile slightly. The sooner you learn to recognize what she is saying with a glance, the better off you will be.
She’s Eager to Find Common Ground
Have you ever found a girl who likes sports, enjoys the History Channel and loves steak – all at the same time, just like you? Chances are pretty slim she would tell you all of that right away, but this is another one of those cues you must be able to identify right away. As she asks questions about what interests you, does she seem to say “Oh, me too!” a lot? She’s hoping you’ll be impressed. Seize on that little bit of flirting right away.
Playing with Her Hair
It doesn’t matter how often Hollywood seems to dramatize this little quirk of the feminine wiles, it is absolutely one of her go-to flirting tricks. Part nervous habit and part “innocent sweetness,” she is likely so lovestruck she can’t really wrap her head around it. Instead, what she’s going to do is twirl a few hairs around her finger in the hopes you won’t make her wait too long before asking for a first date.

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