Romantic Destinations In Asia Pacific

Would you be interested to spend quality time with your special someone amidst the cobalt luster of the Pacific Ocean? Have you ever experienced waggling your feet at the sandy beaches in a warm morning?

Have you ever pampered your palate with the luscious delight of authentic coastal food? Consider visiting Asia Pacific with your beloved and explore all the top 10 romantic destinations in Asia Pacific to make your fancies a reality that you can touch and feel
Malaysia: The coastal sheen, the pictorial landscape teamed with the comfortable climate of Malaysia makes it one of the places to feel the thump of «being in love». The swaying forests, the shoreline mangroves, the oak forests at the mountaintop make Malaysia the destination for the lovers.
Take a walk hand in hand under the shade of verdures, eat the mouthwatering coastal cuisines with your special someone, visit the rain forest and explore the tropical water with the best scuba diving — visit Malaysia with your sweet heart and feel the beat of romance in the most thrilling way.
Bangkok: Feel the monsoon rain drops with your beloved in Thailand and rekindle your romance with the regal splendor of Bangkok where the term effervesce gains a logical interpretation. Bangkok the capital city of Thailand with its charm, color, magic and fullness is the place to celebrate your love. Nothing can be more romantic than to take a boat ride amidst the canals of the city. Let the silence speak a lot as you walk through the serene temple compounds with your special someone. Let the magical delight of the Thai food pamper your palate this time— Visit Bangkok with your beloved and once again fall in love with just the idea of being in love.
Maldives: say bye to the mundane routine life and dissolve with your love to the ‘never- never land’ of green and olive. Visit Maldives to rekindle your romantic days and fall in love with the green and blue of the place. Maldives with its coral islands, fishing environ, scuba diving and snorkeling will definitely make your vacation a true memoir to treasure or long.
Tokyo: Consider visiting Tokyo this time with your beloved and enjoy the romantic vacation with the city’s historical attractions, beauty, culture and romance. Rediscover the perfect holiday mood as you elope to the capital city of Japan — one of the most romantic destinations of sheer color.
Taipei: Experience the ethnicity, tradition, folklore and rich history of China whilst staying at Taipei with your beloved. Explore authentic Chinese food, appreciate the artistic splendor and let the awesome scenic beauty to entice you as you plan out your romantic vacation at Taipei with your special someone.
Bali: Bali with its pristine treasures, lustrous backdrop is somewhat like a breathing painting. With lofty greens, with its soaring volcanoes, wide stretched rice fields, Bali is the place to feel the magic of love again. Enjoy a warm day at the sunny beaches, plan out a day long hiking with her or just explore the serene splendor of the warm waters make your fancies into reality whilst staying at Bali with your love.
Singapore: feel the magic of the » Garden City». Book your ticket for Singapore and enjoy a completely romantic vacation with your special someone. With lush green manicured parks, historical architecture, museums, quaint temples, chic pubs, elegant eateries, plush shopping malls, sumptuous cuisine Singapore is one of the most vibrant and clean city to be with your beloved.
Gangwon: Visit Gangwon that is one of the most colorful destinations in Korea and make your fancies to turn into reality. Established as a county, the rich ethnicity and culture of Gangwon will surely entice you during your stay. Discover Gangwon with the first glitter of the morning sun and rekindle your emotion. The place as it has been reckoned as the haven of rest, leisure and sport has everything to make your romantic stay lot dreamier.
Hong Kong: Hong Kong with its shimmer and glamour is the place to be with your special someone. The city with its incredible manifestation of lights, with its swaying skyscrapers, with its elegant shops and malls and with its entertainment complexes not only promises a romantic getaway but also guarantees a quixotic escape to a land of beauty, dream, color and magic.

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