Stop being a glass, become the lake parable about love

Stop being a glass, become the lake parable about love
Once one young man who considered himself very unfortunate came to the old teacher and told that he doesn’t see any sense in the difficult life.

He long complained of life which, in his opinion, with him was cruel and unfair. And at the end of each sad monologue the young man surely exclaimed: «For what to me it? Why at me everything is always worse, than at other people?»

And so proceeded during several days.

When to the wise man bothered to listen to continuous moaning, he sent the young man behind salt. And then I asked to place a salt handful in a glass with water and to drink.

«How to you it on taste?» – the teacher asked, seeing as the young man was twisted in a disgust grimace, «It is awful! And it is disgusting!».

The teacher only smiled and asked to take one more handful of salt.

They silently reached the next lake. The old man ordered to the young man to pour out and stir salt in lake water.

«And now drink waters and tell about the feelings».

«Pure, fresh and very tasty water!» – the young man noted, — «And I don’t feel salt at all».

Then the teacher, having sat down near the young man, I embraced him and thoughtfully I told: «Pain in our life is a pure salt; neither it is more, nor it is less. The quantity of pain will be always invariable. But the pain felt by us depends on the volume of a vessel in which we will place it.

Thus, when we suffer and we writhe from pain, the only thing that in our forces to make, it to fill life with a variety and sense, and will learn to see many things more widely. Stop being for yourself a glass. Become the lake».

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