Wings parable about love

Wings parable about love
The small angel sat on a cloudlet, having lowered legs. He observed in the country which seemed to him an ant hill.
Suddenly in a window of one house he saw a familiar face.
«It she» — the angel thought and smoothly I began to go down.
Here his small legs already touched the earth, he slightly opened a door of an entrance and slipped in a small crack.

I rose by the ninth floor and it appeared near that door.
The small handle he touched a call, and his shrill shout disturbed silence.
— Who there? — I asked once familiar voice.
— It I, Angel.
— I don’t know any Angel. You, probably, were mistaken the apartment!
— Well, I wasn’t mistaken! It I I, the Angel … open, please …

The door opened, and the Angel saw it.
She was not that any more … Tortured, pale, in an old dressing gown …
— Really it you? What with you became?! — the Angel exclaimed.
— We are familiar? I for the first time see you. What it is necessary for you? Why you here?

Dim eyes the girl looked and I understood nothing.
— You remember nothing?
— No. I was very tired, and I advise you quicker to get out from here.
Especially my husband will come soon. I think, he will be not really glad to see strangers in the house.

She sat down at a table and turned a back to the Angel.
The angel approached her closer and shy embraced her for shoulders, nestled on her back the small little body.
— I will show something to you now, promise that you will at once leave …
She took off a dressing gown, and on her perfect body, on her peach back, around shovels, there were two awful scars …
— And now leave …

Called a door, and she shuddered.
Hasty I got up from a chair and I ran to open a door. It was her husband. «And it who else?» — the husband discontentedly muttered.
«He already leaves» — the girl strictly looked at the Angel.
«I am hungry, in 5 minutes I will come to eat» — the husband declared.
The girl hurried on kitchen. «A door there — the man showed a finger the door — Clean up!»

In big eyes Angela seemed to slezki.
— Where her Wings? Where you put her wings?
She had huge white wings. Why you cut off them???
You ruined her! — the Angel choked in tears.
— You understands, we love each other … And respectively, we sleep together!
And you know how stirred it wings! It was inconvenient to it to lie on a back therefore I also cut off them! Now all at us as it should be! We are happy!

The angel already went outside where there was a sleet …
«And nevertheless you don’t love each other!!!
She will die with you …» — the Angel following shouted …
The man ran out on the street, but the Angel was already highly …
«Why? Why you so speak???» — the man shouted, looking in heaven.

«BECAUSE WINGS NEVER STIR LOVE» — the Angel whispered …

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