About the husband parable about love

About the husband parable about love
Whether about that bad the wife has a parable the husband or good:
Once to the wise aged man the woman came and told:
— You got married between me and the husband two years ago. And now part us. I don’t want to live more with him.
— What reason of your desire to divorce? – the wise man took an interest.
The woman so explained:
— At all husbands come back home in time, my spouse constantly is late. Because of this house every day scandals.
The aged man, having been surprised, asks:
— The reason only in it?
— Yes, I don’t want to live with the person possessing it a shortcoming – the woman answered.
— To part I you will part, but under one condition. Come back home now, bake big tasty bread and bring to me. But when you will bake bread, take nothing in the house! Ask salt, water, balls and flour for neighbors. And surely explain them the reason of the request — the wise man told.
The woman went home and was accepted for good reason.
I came to the neighbor and I told:
— Sosedushka, borrow me a glass of water.
— At you what, water reached a limit? Unless in the yard the well isn’t dug?
— Water is, but I went to the wise aged man to complain of the husband and asked to part us — the woman explained. And as soon as she finished, the neighbor sighed: — — Eh, if you knew what husband at me!
Also I began to complain of the spouse.
Later, the woman went to other neighbor to ask salt.
— Your salt reached a limit, you asks only one spoon?
— Salt is, but I complained to the aged man of the husband, asked divorce, – that woman says, and she didn’t manage to finish as the neighbor exclaimed:
— Eh, if you knew what husband at me! – also I began to complain of the spouse.
So, to whom this woman came to ask products, from all heard complaints to husbands.
At last she baked big tasty bread, brought to the wise man and gave with words:
— Thank you, try my work together with the family. Only don’t think to part me with the husband.
— Why, what happened, the daughter? — the wise man asked.
— My husband, appears, best of all! – she answered him.

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