To allow to leave parable about love

To allow to leave parable about love
Once the wife of the aged man Svyatozar decided that nobody loves her. Having taken offense at a family, she packed things and left in the unknown direction.
The son, having learned about it, at once I came running to the aged man:
— How you could so just release mother here? Where she could go? And suddenly to her there will be a misfortune? Why you didn’t hold her? You are her what, actually you doesn’t love?
The aged man shrugged shoulders:
— I could hold her — he answered. — But her soul all the same would continue to be ill, collapse. And now she, probably, will find that part of which for some reason I lost lately. Not for nothing pilgrims went to far places. They found simple answers to difficult questions in a way, recovered and came back to themselves. To love doesn’t mean to attach to itself. It is much more important in time to manage to release …
After a while Svyatozar’s wife returned, and they together lived long happy life.

Author: Olga Bezmirnaya

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