Wind and flower parable about love

Wind and flower parable about love
Wind met a fine Flower and fell in love with him. While he gently caressed the Flower, that answered him with the bigger love expressed in color and aroma.
But a little it seemed to Wind, and it solved: «If I give the Flower all the power and strength, then that will present me with something else big».
And he died on the Flower powerful breath of the love. But the Flower didn’t take out rough passion and broke.
Wind tried to lift him and to recover, but couldn’t. Then he ceased and began to breathe on the Flower gentle breath of love, but that withered in the eyes.
Wind cried then:
— I gave you all power of the love, and you broke! It is visible, there was no power of love in you to me, so, you didn’t love!
But the Flower answered nothing. He died.

The one who loves has to remember that measure not by the force and passion Lyubov, and tenderness and a reverent attitude. Better ten times to restrain, than once to break.

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