Woman and bird parable about love

Woman and bird parable about love

Once upon a time there was a bird. A bird with strong wings, with the sparkling multi-colored plumage. The being created for free flight in the skies which are given rise to please heads of those who watch her from the earth.

Once the woman saw her and fell in love. Her heart beat, eyes shone for nervousness when with the mouth opened in amazement, she looked as this bird flies. And that called her to fly with her together — and they went on the blue sky in a full harmony with each other. The woman admired a bird, esteemed and glorified her.

But somehow time came to her mind — yes this bird for certain will sometime want to fly away to distant distances, to unknown mountains. And the woman was frightened — was frightened that with other bird nothing will never be able to test similar. Also I envied — I envied congenital gift of flight.

And still I was frightened of loneliness.

Also I thought: «I will place a drag-net. Next time the bird will fly — but won’t be able to fly away».

And the bird too loving this woman flied next day, got to a drag-net, and then was caged.

For days on end the woman admired a bird, showed a subject of the passion to girlfriends, and those spoke: «Now you have everything». But strange things began to be created in soul of this woman: she caught a bird, to allure her and to tame there was no need any more and little by little interest in her died away. A bird, having lost an opportunity to fly — and in it and the sense of her life consisted only in it — I faded and lost the gloss, became ugly, and the woman in general ceased to pay attention to her: only I watched that to a forage there was much yes that the cage was cleaned.

And one fine day the bird took and died. The woman very much grieved, both thought only of her and remembered her day and night, but only not how that pined in a cage and as saw for the first time her free flight under clouds.

And glance she to yourself in soul — would understand that was captivated not her beauty, but freedom and power of her spread wings.

Having lost a bird, life and sense lost her. Also the death was knocked to her at a door. «You why came?» — the woman asked her.

«You could fly with the bird on the sky again — the death answered. — If allowed it to abandon you and to come back steadily, you would love her and would admire her more. And now, again to see her — business won’t do without me in any way».
Paulo Coelho «Eleven minutes»

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