Island of cultural wealth parable about love

Island of cultural wealth parable about love
Once very long time ago on Earth there was an island on which there lived all cultural wealth. But once they noticed how the island began to leave under water. All values got on the ships and departured. On the island there was only Lyubov(love).

She waited to the last, but when there was nothing to wait already, she wanted to departure from the island too.
Then she called Wealth and asked to it on the ship, but the Wealth answered: «By my ship there are a lot of jewelry and gold, for you there is no place here».
When by I floated the Grief ship, she asked to her, but that answered her: «Sorry, Lyubov, I so sad that I should remain always alone».
Then Lyubov saw the ship of Pride and asked her about the help, but that told that Lyubov will break harmony by her ship.
Nearby I floated Pleasure, but that was so busy with fun that I didn’t even hear about Love appeals.
Then Lyubov absolutely despaired.
But suddenly she heard a voice somewhere behind: «We will go, Lyubov, I will take you with myself». Lyubov turned back and saw the aged man. He took her to sushi, and when the aged man departured, Lyubov bethought, she forgot to ask his name. Then she addressed Knowledge:
— Tell, Knowledge who rescued me? Who was this aged man?
The knowledge looked at Lyubov:
— It was Time.
— Time? — I asked again Lyubov. — But why it rescued me?
The knowledge once again looked at Lyubov, then afar where the aged man departured:
— Because only Time knows how Lyubov is important in life …

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