Don’t renounce loving parable about love

Don’t renounce loving parable about love
There was not remarkable morning in the most usual policlinic. The person came to remove enough advanced years to the doctor seams from a hand finger. It was noticeable that he very much worries and somewhere hurries. Having asked when there is a doctor, the man by the shivering voice reported that by 9 o’clock he is waited by very important issue. And already 8-30.

I knowingly answered that all doctors are busy, and will be able to pay him attention not earlier than in an hour. However, having noticed incredible grief in his eyes and a certain confusion in the movements when he continually glanced for hours, under heart at me something missed a bit. Patients on reception to me weren’t, and I decided to be engaged in a wound of this person. Pleased me that the wound is well tightened, and, so there will be no problems if to remove seams now. Having consulted to the colleague, I was engaged in the patient. I for some reason wanted to talk to him, and I the first started conversation:

– You so hurry. Has to be, you appointed reception to one expert?

– Not absolutely so. At 9 o’clock I need to feed the sick wife. She now in hospital. Out of medical curiosity, I asked that with his wife. The man answered that Alzheimer’s disease is found in her, to a huge regret. I managed to make necessary procedures while we talked on what, naturally, time was required. It seemed to me that by 9 o’clock my patient can not be in time in hospital to the wife. I took an interest whether that will worry if he is late. The man sadly nodded the head:

– No, she won’t worry. My wife doesn’t recognize me the last five years. And doesn’t even remember whom I had her on life.

I with astonishment exclaimed:

– And, despite it, all of you is equal every morning to 9 you hurry in hospital to the person who isn’t knowing you any more?

Then he tenderly patted me shoulder and, having smiled, paternally answered:

– Yes, unfortunately, she doesn’t know who I am. But I remember who is she. With her I was happy all the life.

I approached a window and long looked after the elderly patient leaving on an alleyka. And only when knocked at a door, I understood that I pay. Goosebumps ran on my body, and I told: «It is that love of which also I dream …»

My morning patient told that he was happy. And she, that woman, too happy, having such husband.

Not passion or romanticism, and the true love capable to understand, forgive and accept – here the fact that it isn’t passing. We will leave. And she will remain, having lodged in someone’s heart.

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