Maternal heart parable about love

Maternal heart parable about love
On the forest edge lit with the sun the beautiful birch grew with young daughters. She loved the children, caressed sprawling branches, protecting from cold wind and a pouring rain. And in the summer under her shade didn’t frighten birches any scorching sun. Was him «at the sun warmly, and at the mother kindly».

But once the thunder-storm was played in the wood. Yes outright. Peals of a thunder shook the earth, and the sky was continually lit with lightnings. Tonkostvolny beauties trembled with fear. But mother birch calmed them, having embraced the strong branches: «Be not afraid of anything. Lightnings won’t be able to notice you under my branches. I – high and …». She didn’t manage to finish speaking.

The strong crash was distributed among the wood. The huge lightning ruthlessly struck a birch, having singed a core of her trunk. But the birch didn’t light up. Forces left her, severe wind tried to tumble down down to the ground, the heavy rain untwined branches, but under them there were her children and nobody, except mother, could protect them now.

She pressed to herself daughters even stronger, even more weakening branches caressed their thin camps, washing the tears which are flowing down on leaflets. Last time. There was no limit of maternal love.

Only when everything ended and over the wood washed by a rain the sun began to shine again, she, having swayed, quietly fell by the earth. «I will never leave you, – she whispered to birches, – my trunk will grass soon and will become covered by a moss. But in him mother’s heart will never cease to fight. Not in forces to break it any lightning».

When the birch fell, she once again tenderly embraced daughters, and didn’t touch any of them. So three slender beauties also grow around covered with a moss is old a stub. Happens, the traveler in their shadow on a trunk of an old tree will sit down to have a rest and will seem to him that that surprisingly soft. Will close eyes, and will hear as in him maternal heart knocks …

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