Midnight dwarf parable about love

Midnight dwarf parable about love
There was it long ago. In one medieval city there lived the lamplighter. The person of advanced years, ordinary-looking in appearance, quiet and mild, went every evening he around the city and lit streets. Small growth the old man wrote a match on a sole of the worn-out boot, and the most dark lane became light so cozy. Neighbors knew about the poor lamplighter little. Him he seemed unsociable and in something even strange. Citizens considered him as the idler: «Well, unless not the idler, – they were indignant, – the whole day sleeps, and admires stars at night». And children called the midnight dwarf because the old man on the street only with approach of twilight appeared.

But every time, striking a match on an old sole, the little lamplighter decreased in growth.

Somehow one person told him:

– How you can live so? You soon at all will disappear! Regret yourself, all the same in exchange except insults you receive nothing from people! Not fairly.

The lamplighter answered it:

– People will remain without electricity if I cease to do the work. And suddenly, someone won’t be able to reach the house, having got lost in the dark? And it is worse than that if to offend someone on the dark street at night. It unless is fair? And when light-, and it is easier for people. Someone will sometimes thank in soul. And bigger it is also not necessary for me. And the humble old man on a sole struck a match, becoming less until at all I disappeared. Nobody noticed it. But all noticed that in the evening in the city fires didn’t light up …

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