The sold son parable about love

The sold son parable about love
It happened on the eve of holidays. The young man came back from work on the car. So to him it was easy and joyful at heart that tomorrow he will be able to have a rest from vanity! There was a wish to sing, besides, on the street the spring stormed.

Mothers with children walked on sidewalks, teenagers were going to the carefree companies, old men enjoyed in the warm evening. Suddenly, someone ran out on the carriageway. The strong push was heard. The person jumped out of the car and with horror saw that under wheels the child lies. The world grew dull in eyes at the driver.

Someone from the suitable people, having examined the child, I told that that is living, but it is necessary urgently in hospital. Until there arrives the ambulance, there will pass a lot of time. The young man decided to bring the boy on the car. In hospital he ran up to the doctor and begged that somewhat quicker something to make. But the doctor didn’t hurry. He invited the driver in a staffroom and on a piece of paper wrote the sum which that has to bring him. Then he will decide what to do with the patient.

– Well, I will bring, but I beg, help the child, I will return soon. I ask you, the doctor. He can die.

There didn’t pass a lot of time, and here he with the necessary sum of money flies up on steps in office. As it became clear, the doctor didn’t even examine the boy. That remained to lie lonely in an accident ward. Only the compassionate sister did everything to keep in him the last gleams of life.

– Well, well, we will go we will look that at us there.

The horror imprinted on a face of the careless doctor. Groan of despair escaped from his breast. Heart was torn to pieces. On a stretcher his own son died. But time was wasted. And already nobody could help the poor child.

All previous life as one second ran before eyes of the person in a white dressing gown which also this second became gray-haired. How many times he brought home dishonest money which paid him for hope to survive. Here, really, treat people as you wish that arrived you.

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