Route on the sky parable about love

Route on the sky parable about love
The trolleybus went along the usual route. People left and came. To final stops in the car there were two women and the little, poorly dressed boy with big and very sad eyes. One of women left at a penultimate stop. The conductor, thinking that the boy goes together with her, I called:

– The woman, you forgot the child?

– It, perhaps? Such homeless child can’t be my son, — that fastidiously answered.

– You are whose, the boy? Perhaps, you were lost? — It is sympathizing the conductor asked.

– I?. I am anybody’s. Also I go.

– Children can’t be a draw. Where your mother? You got lost?

– My mother left on the Sky. I want too there. The aunt, you don’t know what trolleybus goes to the Sky?

– Small, there is no such route. And it is hard to reach there.

– But I so want to see the mother … Really it is impossible to reach on anything on the Sky?

Here other woman who is younger approached the boy, embraced him and gently pressed to a breast.

– What is your name, sonny?

– Generally I am Mitya. But now I am called by 57.


– I live in a shelter. There is a lot of us. And anybody has no mothers. The teacher can’t remember all and calls us according to numbers.

– Hard to you, kid?

– Nobody loves me. Mother always kissed me. She read me fairy tales for the night and sang a lullaby. And we together prayed. I so want to see mother. She left and didn’t return any more. The aunt, and you were in the Sky?

– So far not, my good. But I know how there to get. To you are expensive not to find. You wants, I will take you in the house? We will live together and to wait for Christ. He will be able to bring us on the Sky where there lives your mother now.

Eyes of the boy began to shine hope. He nestled on the kind woman as once to mother, and that gently patted him on a back and tenderly smiled.

At a final stop they left. The conductor with the driver long looked him following. Someone from them told:

– On our route the stop «Sky» is noted. But after all, it seems to me, she is on this line.

God lives where there lives the love. And where God, there and to the Sky it isn’t far.

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