Fool parable about love

Fool parable about love
The blond boy skipping ran near the young woman, trying to grasp her hand. The same only straightened out it, muttering about herself:

– And where you only undertook on my head? I was born to prevent me to live.

– Mother, and when we return, you will read me the tale of a grasshopper?

– The poor boy, – people around were distressed, – foolish doesn’t know that she conducts him in children’s home.

When the boy grew up and could visit mother, he tried to spend the time with her as often as possible. Quite often the teenager found mother in drunk waste, called an ambulance, and doctors gently so far went I caressed her hand and kissed a dirty cheek:

– Why you so, mummy? Suffer, everything will be good.

– Abnormal child and just fool. Any respect to. At that love for him wasn’t enough, and he runs, rescues, – acquaintances were perplexed.

Quickly ran school days, student’s time promptly flew. The young man gained an honors degree and to him predicted good career future. But surprisingly everything, he went to work to school.

– I didn’t become cleverer from the diploma with honors. The fool, ruined own career, went to bring up foreign idlers, – acquaintances were indignant.

Mother died. The careful son didn’t forget the road on her grave. But now with the wife, the girl from the next entrance.

– The fool, – grannies weren’t tired to gossip, – what handsome, so many maids were ready to go for him. And he chose – ugly moreover and the lame woman.

Him it wasn’t let know that eyes you won’t see the main thing. And young people lived in perfect harmony. Here only they had no children. But soon neighbors saw spouses walking in park with two kids – the boy and the girl. The children of steel for this couple left by someone the family.

– The fool, – concluded people around, – she can’t give rise, and for him light a wedge agreed on this young lady. Let raise foreign offsprings now.

But it didn’t worry a close-knit family at all. Years went. Children grew up, got a good education, established the families, and there was no day that someone from them didn’t visit parents.

Somehow in the winter the father of family walked on the embankment. He approached crowd which with interest observed for the broken-away ice floe which appeared on a dog. The animal plaintively whined, begging beings reasonable about the help. But except idle interest this event didn’t respond in their minds and hearts in any way. And only the elderly man, without deliberating, I plunged into the ice water …

Neighbors tirelessly discussed his act:

– What fool! After a recent heart attack to act this way. There was no mind and didn’t increase.

– I was born the fool, the fool and I died.

And he stood, waiting for the turn, at paradise gate.

– How call you? – the Angel who was at an entrance asked him.

– Yes I also forgot as my name is, – the person answered, – but people around called the Fool.

– Enter, you are written down in the Book of Life. And your name has other sounding – Love.

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