Poison in heart parable about love

Poison in heart parable about love
Once long ago there lived in one village a girl. On ancient Slavic custom, after a wedding it came to live to the house of the spouse. But it was very uncomfortable to the young daughter-in-law with the mother-in-law. That constantly taught her and reproached with everything.

Somehow in the morning the young woman to the sorcerer living on the suburb of the wood went.

– What brought you to me, the beauty? To charm al of the man? – the grandfather asked.

– Nobody is necessary to me, I love the husband, but with his mother to live unbearable.

– What do you want from me?

– I ask you, help me. Give me to poison that I poisoned her.

– Whether on this you will construct the happiness, the young woman? Well and it is fine. It is a pity for me for you. I will give you a potion. You will make every morning it and to give to drink this tea to mother of the husband. Yes only I for you have a council.

– What? Speak, I will execute everything if only somewhat quicker to get rid of this snake.

– In the village at us rumors quickly fill. Will suspect you. And so, that it didn’t happen, change the attitude towards the mother-in-law.

Become tender, friendly, smile. Not for long you should suffer. And the woman arrived. Just roosters sang, and she gets up, bread kneads, the furnace heats, cooks porridge, the potion poisonous mothers-in-law makes. And tenderly so invites her to try wonderful tea. Calls mother, obeys in everything. The husband won’t rejoice: as the family became mother and the wife. The mother-in-law worships the daughter-in-law. And that love and sincere, answers. She hurries to the sorcerer again, rushes to his legs with tears:

– The grandfather, I beg you. You can do everything. Give antidote. To too many tea I made the mother-in-law. Will die. And she mother careful to me became.

– My dear, calm down. I gave you fragrant herbs from which you cooked tasty and useful tea for the mother-in-law. Poison was in your heart, but with the God’s help you got rid of him.

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