Mirror room parable about love

Mirror room parable about love
In the palace of one grandee there was an unusual hall. Walls, a ceiling and a floor in her were mirror. Somehow time in the hall the dog absolutely incidentally ran. She became puzzled, having seen the whole rack of similar to of beings around, and grinned. The dogs surrounding her answered the same. Then the dog began to bark. And dogs everything together too gave a vote. The dog rushed about, but from all directions on her oskalenny, evil beings snatched. The whole night was spent by the poor thing in an environment of the flown into a rage rack. Next morning servants of the grandee found her dead. She broke off heart. And everything could be in a different way if, having entered the room, instead of an evil grin the dog wagged a tail and stretched to those who looked at her from a mirror, a paw as a token of friendship.

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