Unusual desire parable about love

Unusual desire parable about love

Somehow on the eve of New year the teacher suggested the tretyeklashka to write that they would like to ask for Father Frost.

Having come home, I sat down to check children’s compositions. And one of them very much upset her. She several times re-read the letter output by diligent children’s handwriting with a request for a miracle. No, the teacher tried to find not mistakes. Now they had no value. The room was entered by the husband.

– What happened, expensive, than you are so alarmed?

– Here, read, please, – and she stretched to the husband a notebook.

«Father Frost, I won’t ask from you much. Only comply with my request. Make me though for a while by the TV. I very much want that the family gathered in the evenings and listened to me, without interrupting. That the father, having returned after work, asked me about what in life occurred new. And mother when to her it is sad, came to me. That to me rejoiced as the new TV which in our apartment occupies now almost all wall. I would move that there was a place and for a fir-tree. I so want though a little to live life of any TV!»

– Poor child … And, listen, there are such parents, – the teacher’s husband was indignant.

The wife raised on him eyes full of tears:

– Darling, wrote it our son…

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