I (28F) dating a newly single guy (30M). Advice on how to proceed needed.

I (28F) dating a newly single guy (30M). Advice on how to proceed needed.

I have some questions about dating etiquette.

I met a guy through Tinder about 3 weeks ago, we instantly got along very well and have had a great time together. He is funny, kind and very considerate. We click in the bedroom too, no awkwardness and very satisfying for us both.

I am the kind of person who doesn’t get emotionally involved easily but I am terribly smitten with this person. I’ve been on dates with other men since we met but I notice that I am not interested in any of them. I have decided not to continue seeing others, mainly because they tend to be quite boring.

He however is just out of a long relationship after a slow breakup and is also dating. Now I know it is his right to do so and since we have not known eachother for very long I don’t feel comfortable saying that I wish he didn’t. I’m not terribly jealous, I know if he likes me he will eventually lose interest in others, or so I hope.

We have talked a bit about us both going on dates, he seems slightly jealous (in a normal way) and I mentioned that it would not be fair for him to date others if I couldn’t. This is obviously a given. He once mentioned that he hasn’t slept with anyone else as he is affraid I’ll lose interest. How can I stear this in the right direction? I don’t want to become fuck buddies as I clearly like him, but I am also terribly aware that he is newly single and might want to see what is out there.

When would be the right moment to talk about whether we still want to see other people? I feel like it is too early for it.

Does anyone have experience with dating a newly single guy and managing to turn it into something meaningful?

Thank you for your thoughts and advice.


Tl;dr dating a newly single guy, like him a lot, how do I proceed?


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