Advice for me [18 M], about Philosophy Girl [19 F]

Advice for me [18 M], about Philosophy Girl [19 F]

So just over a week ago, I posted asking for advice on how to flirt/get a friends number without being a creep. Taking advice I was given I was able to casually ask for her number and got it. Now my issue is how to follow up and actually ask her out.

So there are a few things that still make me hesitant. First, despite having great conversations face-to-face, our texts back and forth always seems awkward, mind you on both our ends. Second is that it has come up in conversation that others have told her that she seems to flirt without meaning to/realizing it. Which makes me even more uncertain about signals about whether she likes me back.

The thing is that her and I always seem to talk for at least an hour each time we hang out, conversation flows easily, we have plenty in common, and it’s always ended in a positive note. But it’s frustrating because I like her a lot and want to ask her out, but at the same time I still want to be friends with her even if she doesn’t feel the same way.

So if anyone could help me with advice on what I could do I would appreciate it. Christ I wish I wasn’t so freaking social awkward.

tl;dr: Asked for advice over a week ago about getting a girls number. Got it and want to ask her out, but a few things make me hesitant. Unsure of how she feels because she apparently flirts often without realizing it. And our text conversations are always awkward even though our face-to-face conversations are always great lasting at least an hour or more. Advice reddit?

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