He [18 M] is definitely flirting with me [21 F] but says he’s not — SO confusing

He [18 M] is definitely flirting with me [21 F] but says he’s not — SO confusing

We started Dating in October and just recently «broke up». We’re both very focused on our careers and moving soon so romance isn’t our top priority. We definitely like each other but definitely aren’t in a place in life to have a romantic burden. So right now we’re trying to take things easy and enjoy each other as much as possible.

We broke up last Tuesday and went two days without talking. on Thursday night we met up and went for a walk. We talked things through and are pretty happy about things. Since then we have went for long walks just chatting and having fun. On Friday we went to a hockey game together, just the two of us. And on Saturday we spent the entire day and night together with friends.

Since we had our talk on Thursday he has been flirting with me alot. It’s small things, but it definitelyyy feels like flirting.

Examples: — He brought me coffee on Saturday morning, because he thought I’d be tired. — Offered his coat to me multiple times — He kept asking if I thought he looked cute in his dress clothes … like ten times after I didn’t respond because it was awkward. — He told me I looked cute dressed up. — When we got home from the game he went out of his way to pull me in for a big hug — He goes like every where with me when we’re together. IE following me around campus while I’m running errands, walking me home. — Always offering to hold my stuff — Small instances of him touching or bumping into me

There are more examples, but it’s kind of hard to explain. Alot of it is like tone of voice things.

On Saturday night at a party (unfortunately we were both drunk while having this convo) he asked me why I had been stand off-ish/upset earlier in the day. I told him because I didn’t know how to respond to his flirting. His response was «oh, I wasn’t flirting with you. I was just being friendly and nice.»

Why do you think he said that?

We might just have different definitions of flirting. Or maybe I’m just super bad at decoding interaction. Or is there another reason he wants to flirt with me, but not admit to it?

I’m confused. HELP/

tl;dr: Recent ex keeps flirting with me and spending time with me, but says he isn’t flirting.


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