I told my girlfriend [18/F] that she had small breasts.

I told my girlfriend [18/F] that she had small breasts.
I’m 19 and a male. My girlfriend and I have been dating for 5 months now on Valentine’s day. A couple months ago I told my girlfriend that she had small breasts by comparing hers to another friend of ours [19/F] saying our friends’ breasts were bigger. I was very high off of Adderall/Xanax and at this point I go overboard with my so-called «honesty.»

This is not acceptable behavior and not an excuse for my insult to my girlfriend. Ever since I said it I’ve felt incredibly awful about it but this isn’t about me.

My girlfriend is self-conscious and insecure about her breasts and occasionally she’ll be reminded all-of-the-sudden that I had said it. She gets incredibly depressed and I tell her that «I’m sorry, I wish I had never said it» but she says «Well, you still said it.»

While couples usually get over the fights that they have with each other and move on, she hasn’t. I don’t blame her. Every time a moment like this occurs, where she’s randomly reminded of that night a couple months ago, I comfort her and do what I can to calm her down. I feel like if these feelings keep occurring that comforting won’t do the trick anymore.

I love this girl so much. Whenever we aren’t together I feel like these thoughts come up and I can’t be there for her when she needs me the most. I know I can’t go back on what I said. I regret it but that doesn’t matter.

So my question is: is there anything that I can do for my girlfriend to make her feel more confident about her breasts/overall body? She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever laid eyes on and I want her to know this. I care about her too much to have her keep being reminded of her own boyfriend insulting her most insecure part of her body. I hate myself for what I’ve done and I want to fix this!

tl;dr: Insulted my girlfriend by calling out her most insecure body part. Months later she isn’t over it and I want her to be able to love herself.

I told my girlfriend [18/F] that she had small breasts.

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