Top 10 Dating Tips for Girls

No matter what age you are, connecting with the right guy is a major task.


The challenge becomes even more daunting when you’re young, which is why every teenager should read these top ten dating tips for girls.


At an age when raging hormones and social pressure affect decisions just as much as sound advice, it is crucial to stick to these tried-and-true methods for successful relationships – you’ll be happier and better able to enjoy your boyfrien

There’s No Hurry


First and foremost, you must keep in mind you don’t have to get married tomorrow.


As wonderful as it is to experience the first fluttering of love, it is important to understand almost all of your dating as a teenager is to help you figure out the traits you would like a future husband to have. How important is kindness? What value do you place on opening doors? Are you into public displays of affection?


The process of dating for girls (and guys) is just as much built on learning what you want as it is having a good relationship. The big occasion where you wear a white dress and meet Mr. Right at the altar is a long way off.


Pay Attention to Your Parents


It is incredibly challenging to date while your mom and dad are around, right? Do you think they might be hanging out in the shadows for a reason other than to ruin your fun? (Don’t answer that.) Strange as it may seem, your parents were your age once. They went through the same ups and downs until they found each other – and it was less than a thousand years ago, so dating tips for girls haven’t changed that much!


In all seriousness, you must allow your parents to have some say in your relationships at this age, for two reasons: 1) You still live with them and 2) they have a knack for sensing danger. Will you still stumble? Yes. Will it hurt as bad? Probably not.


Group Dating is a Good Start


Most of your life as a teenager is spent with your friends, which is why going out as a group is so much easier than attempting to schedule time alone. By gathering a bunch of people together, you have the opportunity to get to know your potential boyfriend better – you can see how he interacts with your friends and his, which will give you a solid idea of what he is like as a person.


Does he whine when he doesn’t get his way? Bad sign. Does he go out of his way to make everyone feel included? Great characteristic! By being amongst a bunch of people, you lessen the chance a guy’s bad attitude can ruin your night.


Stand Your Ground


OK, let’s be honest: things are going to get physical at some point. It might be a soft peck on the cheek or something more intimate, but nothing should happen without your permission first. That means everything your boyfriend might suggest – including watching a horror film or having an extra scoop of ice cream. You have every right to maintain the standards you have.


That said, if he continues to push to get his way, call your parents and have them come get you. As grown up as you feel, sometimes it takes the “big guns” to get through.


Be Overly Polite


Please. Thank you. These aren’t just phrases your parents insist on to make them feel better about providing dinner and clothes for you! The Golden Rule applies here just as much as anywhere else – treat your guy like you would wish to be treated. The more courteous you are, the more likely he is to return the favor. If he doesn’t, he might not be worth your time.


Keep it Light and Fun


Yes, you might feel like your relationship warrants serious attention – and it does – but the chances of it ending up being the last one you ever have are pretty slim. One of the best dating tips for girls is to have a good time! If you get too wrapped up in analyzing every little detail of your conversations to search the meaning of his heart, you will miss out on the joy of young love.


The best way to make sure you have a great time? Every time you catch yourself worrying about what he thinks, stop yourself cold and remember the last time he did something goofy to see you smile. You’ll be back on the right track in no time.


Learn About His Interests


One of your primary goals when you are dating is to figure out how to get a good read on the guy you are out with. What does he like? Where does he stand on issues that are important to you? More than anything, can you maintain a conversation with him as he dives into the details of his interests?


It might not seem like that big a deal, but a lot of being in a long-term relationship centers on the ability to understand each other’s dreams and desires. The sooner you are able to understand what you have in common, the better off you are. Start practicing now!


Be Willing to Laugh at Yourself


This goes along with keeping things easygoing, yet it seems like it’s much more difficult when you are a teenage girl. It is perfectly natural for you to wonder what everyone else is thinking – this is the most awkward time in your life, after all – but the more you let other people’s ideas control your activity, the less able you are to have a good time. Make jokes about your clumsiness and laugh when you have a slip of the tongue, it will help your boyfriend (and everyone else) relax around you.


Stick to Who You Are


One of the biggest challenges for girls while dating is to maintain a sense of identity. It’s easy to get wrapped up in fitting in. Don’t! Every one of us is unique for a reason! If you find yourself making compromises in order to be accepted, then you are losing track of your self-worth.


You know what’s worse? When someone is trying to change you. One of the best dating tips on this list is to brush off anyone – cute boy or otherwise – who makes you feel as if there is something you must do differently in order to be part of the crowd. It might be tough, yet finding someone else to be around is the best idea.


You Are Not a Mechanic


As a young woman, it is completely normal for you to have a nurturing heart – it is part of what will make you a tremendous wife and great mother some day. It can be very difficult, however, to balance the desire to help someone with a hope you can change them. Find yourself believing you can be the difference that turns your guy away from the wrong path? Stop! It’s a recipe for heartbreak!


The truth: you are doing enough at this point in your life to figure out who you are. Attempting to make someone else into what they could be is not your responsibility. Take care of you first and foremost.

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