How to Dress for a Semi Formal Date

Gauge your outfit based on your date. For example, if you are going to a dance, you wouldn’t want to wear 6 inch pumps that you could wear to a dinner date.
For guys, semi formal usually means dress pants (black or a colour to match your shirt) and a button up dress shirt. Black shoes would be fine. Cuff links are okay as well.
For girls, it’s a little more difficult. A skirt or dress pants would be considered semi-formal. You could wear a blouse, or a pretty shirt with it. Choose your shoes depending on your date, but always wear nice shoes, like flats or pumps.
For girls, you could also wear a dress, but be careful! The dress you wear could make your outfit formal. Try a short, party length dress and nothing too sparkly. Your little black dress could be great for this occasion.
Grooming. Take the basic care of yourself. Shower, apply deodorant, do your hair nicely, and apply makeup (if you choose to wear it).
Smile. That will always make you look more radiant and happy to be where you are.
Edit Tips
Try researching «semi formal» on the internet. You may get a lot of dresses, but you may find something helpful.
If you don’t have something appropriate to wear, go shopping. If you can’t afford too much, try your local Value Village. They have great deals on great clothing, and you can wash what you buy.
Edit Warnings
Girls, puffy princess-like dresses are automatically a no-no.
Guys, do not wear a suit. That would kick it up to formal attire.

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