How to Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy

When you are at a friend’s house, or party, invite him to come along with you. If you two are somewhere that plays loud fast music, you should dance with him. Grinding is the best type of dance when it comes to dancing with your boyfriend. When grinding, you want to make it hot but don’t overdo it!
Kiss him. When it comes to kissing, you DO NOT want to screw up. Pull him by the arm or shirt (not forcefully) and kiss him. Make sure you aim for the mouth, and not scare him off.
Show him what you’re made of. Be confident. If at a friend’s house, you still want to have a connection with your boyfriend, but try not to take it too far. When there are adults around, DO NOT kiss, or get all «touchy touchy» with him. You don’t want to have them thinking that you’re being nasty and you aren’t.
Take it to the next level, but only have sex when you are ready. You have just a little bit of a kinky touch, but try not getting too kinky if you aren’t ready. You can still show a lot of love without having sex. Just wrestle with him playfully and calmly.
Break the touch barrier. We all heard of this. But, that’s not all it. Playfully grab him by the arm and pull him up to kiss you, only if you two REALLY are into each other and he’s comfortable with you doing that.
When slow dancing with him, make sure you two are in hugging position. Have your arms wrapped around his neck, and his arms around your waist. Look deep into his eyes (that’s what will really turn him on). If you two are about to kiss, make it passionate and romantic. If you’ve never kissed before, then try reading one of the many kissing articles here on wikiHow.

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