How to Find a Husband when the Men Outnumber the Women 10 to 1 in Your Country

First, see if there are any ‘mixers’, or speed dating meetings going on in your area.
Get online! There are thousands of online dating sites, and there will definitely be one for people in your country.
When you’re at parties, mingle with as many men as possible. It’s likely that you will find a guy you like.
Use your connections. Maybe ask one of your guy friends if there are any nice men he knows.
Strike up a conversation with a guy you see often, but don’t talk with. Maybe you go to the same church, or just eat at the same diner.
Edit Warnings
On Step 5, be careful! You don’t know anything about this guy-he could be a murderer, or married.
Just because there are less guys than girls in your country, that DOESN’T mean you have to lower your standards.
Edit Things You’ll Need
An online dating service account

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