How to Fix an Awkward Conversation With Your Boyfriend

Ask about random things to start a conversation e.g. did you have dinner or what did you have? It may be a weird question but it makes your boyfriend think (and know) you really care about him, if he says no then say go have dinner and eat heaps. It gives them this sense of care and love.
Tell him that its awkward, that’s what i always do and he figures out something to say.
Ask him about his future plans, there must be things you don’t know.
If there’s absolutely nothing to say, just say i love you. it starts a conversation and makes him feel good.
Edit Tips
If it is awkward avoid talking about any sexual stuff it might make him feel uncomfortable
Avoid talking about getting married if there’s nothing to say, just keep it cool cause you might stress him out.
Don’t stress too much if there’s nothing to talk about just say bye and log off and leave some stuff to talk about the next day.
Edit Warnings
Don’t go nuts about calling him or texting him, you’ll look desperate
And always remember distance is good sometimes

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