How to Buy Flowers for Women

Remember traditional holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Of course you can simply give a card or splurge on a more substantial gift, but flowers are always appropriate.
Don’t wait until the last minute to buy flowers on high volume days when everyone else is buying them. You will find a very limited selection and the quality of flowers may be diminished.
Mark important events in your own life such as birthdays, anniversaries, the birth of a new child, a graduation, or new job with a floral gift.
Find reasons to send flowers for any occasion.
Say thank-you to a colleague for help on a project. Be sure that the flowers you send to friends and co-workers don’t convey a romantic message. Keep them cheerful and friendly. Send a bouquet of daisies rather than red roses, for instance.
Express your continued interest in a woman after a successful first date. Sending flowers will help make a second date possible.
Say that you are sorry or that you understand and forgive her. Flowers can smooth things over and say things that you might find awkward to put into words. They can make reconciliations easier.
Choose the right flower to give.
Buy roses for romance. Roses, especially red roses, represent passion and romance.
If giving red roses has become an expected tradition in your relationship, you might change things occasionally by giving them in a different color, such as orange or coral, or mix another flower into the bouquet. Think about mixing roses with tulips or with asters, which are known as the love flower. Consult a florist for ideas.
Learn what different colors represent to ensure you are sending the right message.
Purple symbolizes love at first sight. Orange represents desire while yellow conveys a feeling of friendship.
Pink blooms show gratitude and admiration and are a good choice to send your mother or favorite aunt.
Give a mixed color bouquet if you aren’t completely sure of what you want to say. The expression of feeling remains subtle and the mixed colors are bright and cheerful.
Consider giving a potted plant instead of cut flowers. Some women prefer plants because they will last much longer and provide a constant reminder of the relationship or the occasion. Blooming varieties, such as orchids, last a long time and remind her she is special every time she looks at the plant you gave her.
Decide where to buy your flowers.
Visit a florist’s shop for the best selection of higher quality flowers and broader choices. A trained professional will be available to help you make an informed selection.
Florists also deliver flowers. It’s more of an occasion to receive a delivery of flowers, especially in a public setting such as her office. She will enjoy the excitement the flower delivery gives her co-workers as well as seeing and smelling the flowers themselves.
Grab a bouquet or plant from your local grocery store or sidewalk shop. Hospital or hotel gift shops also provide flowers. These places are convenient, but the quality of the flowers may be compromised. Many times the flowers are past their prime and will not last as long.
Some supermarkets have an excellent quality of flowers due to the fact that they have an ongoing deal with a supplier. The flowers you buy will be less expensive than those from a florist’s shop. You will have to deliver them yourself, of course.
Buy flowers online. Many florists have websites where you can order your flowers from the convenience of home. Most have a wide variety of choices for any occasion. Be aware, however, that substitutions are sometimes made while filling the order and the end result may not match the picture. Be sure the business is reputable before you place an order.
Personalize your gift of flowers.
Send or give flowers at unexpected times. Getting a gift of flowers to mark a special moment in your relationship or for no reason at all is especially appreciated. It shows that you are generous and thoughtful and that she is indeed special.
Reflect who she is by your choice of flowers. Choose flowers in her favorite color. Send the type of flowers she likes best; perhaps she prefers daisies over roses. Or evoke a favorite memory with your gift: a vase of baby rosebuds to remind her of time spent as a child, tending to a rose garden with her mother.
Consult with a florist about her personality. The flowers you choose for a sophisticated city woman, for instance, might differ from those you pick for a woman who loves to camp and hike.
Write something special on the card. The card will last far longer than the flowers, but will always remind her of the gift from your heart.
Know when not to send flowers.
Avoid sending flowers simply to impress someone. The gesture will be meaningless. Also, be aware that sending flowers cannot save a relationship. You could come off as seeming desperate.

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