How to Date After Fifty

Look closely at yourself to gain a realistic appraisal of your dating potential. You don’t have to look like a movie star, but be mindful of your appearance, just the same. Here are things to take into consideration.
Dress. Update your wardrobe if you feel you need to.
Grooming. Think about your hairstyle, a manicure, other things that might need tweaking to improve your appearance.
Your physical condition. Do you need to start toning up a bit? How about that middle age spread you have planned on doing something about for ages?
Think about activities you enjoy. Drive-ins are history, and many of today’s movies are not really targeted at an over 40 demographic. How about museums, candle lit dinners, or drives in the country?
Look for your potential date. You may venture to try online dating, there are even dating websites targeting older men and women, but you could also find a date through your network of friends, coworkers, and social groups you belong to.
Talk about what you are interested in with your potential date. Is it just pleasant company for an occasional evening, or are you looking for that special someone to share your golden years with?
Decide how the cost will be split. Often, financial circumstances can be more settled and recognizable by age fifty and older. A woman who has had a successful career may well be more able to shoulder the cost of an expensive evening than a man who has labored to make ends meet most of his life. Be open to thinking outside the box on who pays for what on your date.
Consider transportation between you and your date, as well. Does the guy have to pick the lady up? His ride might be a dusty old pickup truck that will automatically start the evening off on the wrong foot. You may even decide to meet at your chosen venue rather than travelling there together.
Look at the basics of chivalry. There isn’t anything wrong with a gentleman opening a door for his date, or seating her at the table. Flowers can also be a welcome display of affection, depending again on the plans you have settled on.
Find a date destination and activity that allows each of you to focus on the other. Dating is more than just eating a meal or watching a show, you should be communicating with your date throughout the time you are together.
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Don’t assume too much, and don’t be too let down if your date isn’t a success. Just because you are over the hill doesn’t mean this is the last attempt at finding romance.
Edit Warnings
Dating at any age can be an emotionally risky experience.

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