How to Behave With a Jealous Girlfriend

Tell her everyday what about her you love. It’s cliche but sometimes it helps when you show your girlfriend that you don’t stop having reasons to love her.
Treat her with more care and love than your other female friends. Girlfriends often get threaten when they feel their boyfriends don’t really put them above their other female friends.
DON’T compare her to your ex or your other female friends IF your girlfriend is going to look like the bad guy. period. Love her for who she is and show her you appreciate that. She may make you mad most of the time or even seem crazy for fighting you over the silliest thing but instead of fighting back, tell yourself that maybe she acts the way she does because she’s threatened to lose you. All she needs is a little more reassurance.
Feel comfortable and confident to have her with you when you’re hanging out with your friends. No matter what the situation is… show her you’re proud to have her as your girlfriend.
Be more expressive. Sometimes girls just need to see how much you love them. If they see you love them so much then maybe they wouldn’t think you’re capable of cheating or leaving her for someone else.
Tell her why she’s better than that girl she’s getting jealous about. When she knows you think she’s better than anyone else, she’ll stop to feel threatened.
Just don’t stop loving her. There’s always a great girl behind that jealous-insecure-girl that you see.

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