How to Build Rapport With a Woman

Match and Mirror the other person. To build rapport with a woman, you have to assume a similar state of mind that she currently has. This can be achieved by matching and mirroring the person’s posture, movement, language, tonality, etc. The best way to describe this technique is for you to imagine yourself in front of a mirror. You will notice the perfect symmetry not only in posture and movement, but also in breathing. Now in order to build a quick rapport with a woman, you need to mirror her posture, energy level, and movement. Then, for rapport to be more powerful, you have to concentrate on her breathing pattern and try to synchronize your breathing pattern with hers. Finally, listen to her voice and words. On one hand start matching the speed, tempo and volume levels of her voice, and on the other hand try to repeat key words that she used in her conversation. For example, if she says: “I am adventurous and fun”. As you continue talking to her, like 15 minutes later, tell her: “Isn’t it amazing when you meet someone who you don’t really know but you find out they are fun and adventurous. Me, I really start to like this person more and more”. This is not as easy as it looks and takes a lot of practice, but once you have a grip on it, it will make wonders. Experts in hypnosis use the matching and mirroring techniques to prepare the subject to be more easily hypnotized and relaxed.
Use the Law of Reciprocation to your favor. The art of reciprocation has been used by many leaders to influence people. It is covert and effective. Assume someone gives you a gift or does a favor for you without asking for something in return, doesn’t that trigger a feeling of obligation from you to return the favor? Yes it does. Well it is the same if someone shares with you something about himself/herself. On an unconscious level you would ask yourself why that person is sharing personal information with you if he doesn’t trust you. So you would open up and start reciprocating building connection and trust to that person. One technique you can use is to reveal something about yourself casually and then turn the conversation back to her. Coupled with good questions, she would usually reciprocate and start talking about herself.
Communicate your commonalities with the other person. The principle of “comrades in arms”, as described in David Lieberman’s book, “Get Anyone to Do Anything”, is very powerful when applied to seduction. If you can share with a woman a common experience, it will create a strong bond. That’s why you find two people who have never met each other, but share similar experience, like winning the lottery or going through the same illness, form a strong friendship instantly. By finding common interests and experiences you build an instant sense of solidarity and trust with the woman. It is essential to keep in mind that when you find someone similar to you, your interest and excitement levels increase and you tend to give up your strong alpha frame. My advice is to keep that level low so that you don’t kill the mystery of the interaction.
Assume rapport from the beginning of the conversation. In his book “Persuasion Skills: The Black Book”, Rintu Basu reveals that the quickest and simplest way to build rapport with a woman is to assume you already are in rapport with her. On an unconscious level, she will pick up the signals your sending and she will respond by reciprocating. Do that experiment next time you are around your best friend. Notice the level of rapport between both of you. Isn’t it natural and built in? So what I suggest next time you are around a woman, imagine she is your best friend, act around her as natural as you act with your friend and then assume rapport while conversing with her.
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As Anthony Robbins said: “Repetition is the mother of skills”. So you need to practice these techniques over and over again

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