How to Get Closer to Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Touch. Hold their hand and rub your thumb over their thumb slowly. Have slow, full, meaningful hugs, or more like holding. It’s nice when the girl cuddles up into a guys chest, with their face laying against it, and when a guy holds his girl from behind or around the waist. You should be comfortable enough to touch any part of you partner’s body, but in a respectful, «I love you and your body» way. Cuddle or sleep with each other, not in a sexual way. Do sexual stuff later to make feelings between you two stronger.
Kiss. Pecks are sweet. They should be used when you are out in public, so you won’t make other people uncomfortable around you guys. It’s really sweet and a turn-on. Try kissing their neck, nose, hand, back, stomach, shoulder, or eye. Pecks usually lead to French Kisses, which are more romantic and you feel closer to your partner. French kissing slowly is more romantic, but if you do it fast, your more in make-out mode, which should be done in private. If your in a playful mood, maybe try exploring each other’s mouths, or lick their nose or face. If you’re risky, maybe try biting their tongue, lip, or ear. It’s better when they know you’re joking around and can play along.
Look into each other’s eyes. Just do it for two minutes and afterward you will feel much closer.
Try new things together. A random adventure. Get lost together.
Talk everyday. Ask them how they are, how they slept, what they did. Ask questions to learn more about them, listen, and remember. Say you miss them and wish you could hug/kiss them.
Always be positive.
Always compliment them. «You’re so sweet/beautiful/handsome» «I love your smile, laugh, eyes, scent».
Be there for them. Stay on the phone when they are upset, even when they are not talking. Care for them when they are sick.
Stay on the phone when they have you on hold.
Be playful/goofy together.
Tell the truth.
Be interested in their interests.
Give them a nickname. Hunny(honey), babe, baybay, baybee, babie (baby), sweetie, sweetie pie, sweet heart, cutie, love, lover, etc. It makes you feel closer if you have a secret nickname that only you 2 know.
Do random acts of kindness. Flowers for no reason or throw pebbles at their window at night.
Want to meet their parent’s, family, and friends. Trying to get to know people they know can make you feel closer, and know who they are referring to. It’s also a great bonus if you ever get married in the future.
Take care of yourself. Brush your teeth before you see your baby, take a shower, shave, dress nicely, and smell good.
Clean your house/room/bathroom before they show up. Whether or not they love you and your dirty ways, try to show that you love them by cleaning up for them.
Edit Tips
Don’t tell your partner you’re looking at Wikipedia to see how to get closer to them.
Always make your partner feel that he or she is free to confide in you whenever they want to. This will build a strong bond of trust.
Smile!!! Show that you’re happy to see/be with them.
Let them know that they can talk to you and confide in you. Hold both their hands, look deep into their eyes and say «I love you» or «You can trust me» . Something that will make them feel special.
Don’t do all the steps in one day.
Take things slowly.
Don’t do or talk about the same things everyday, that will make your relationship boring and predictable.
Edit Warnings
Your partner may not like all of the steps.

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