How to Bond With Your Boyfriend Through Sports

Stay current. Just as its important to watch the news to stay current to events in your community and world, you should watch the sports news — better known as ESPN. I don’t expect you to watch an entire day’s worth because that could result into a system overload, but when you’re getting ready for work catch 30 minutes of it. ESPN is handy for quick news and highlights that can bring you up to speed.
Follow some Twitter sports accounts. If you don’t have the attention span to watch ESPN — follow some twitter accounts like @espn or @SI_24Seven for some quick updates. The amount of time spent retweeting tweets from @TheDailyLove or @ZodiacFacts could be spent clicking a brief link about an upcoming game or player injury.
Next time you’re around your man and his friends, listen to their sports talk. Key in on his topics — If he’s talking about Kobe, get familiar with Kobe Bryant. Find out what team he plays for and what makes him so special. Then strike up a conversation and surprise your boo with «You watching the Lakers game tomorrow night? They’re playing the Heat, that should be good.» That will catch him off guard!
Now when striking up conversation, don’t do the most! Meaning, don’t get overexcited. If you just know the basics, keep the convo simple. Guys will go into facts from before they were born — you’re not there yet! Don’t get him too excited, it will be embarrassing when you’re sitting with the blank face because you have no clue of what he’s talking about. Its okay to know the basics. We have enough sports commentators, writers, and fans who think they’re analysts — we don’t need anymore!
When watching the game, keep the questions to a MINIMUM. Some things can be asked after the game like «What’s his name?» «Why did he get three points instead of 2?» If you just sit and watch, you may be able to figure it out for yourself after awhile.
If after all this, you’re still not into sports that’s fine, but don’t belittle it. For some people, sports is bigger than that so don’t disrespect it because of your inability to connect with it. That could be a big turnoff for your man if he knows you hate that he watches sports. You don’t have to watch it with him, but don’t make him feel bad for wanting to catch a game or two.
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Now for those females who are already into sports — kudos! But don’t take this as if liking sports will get you a man! Trust me, if you already like sports and you’re still single — you got some other things to work on!

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