How to Encourage a Guy to Get the Hots for You

Be neat and presentable. The best way to do this is to do what makes you comfortable you should try a small amount of make up because no one looks any worse with a bit of mascara and lipstick.
Be flirty. a good way to do this to direct your body towards the other person and keep eye contact. 58% of guys said a girl’s best feature is her smile.
Don’t talk about your ex! The worst topic to share with a guy is your ended relationships.
Let them tell you everything. A quality all guys want in a girl is a good listener
Play hard to get. This is the hardest part but this is where you wait three seconds before replying, don’t reveal too much, and ignore him a little bit.
Make excuses to touch him. This breaks down barriers and gets him to trust you.
Be smart. Acting dumb doesn’t get you anywhere. Guys like girls who are smart, but not too smart.
Don’t overreact. If you see him with another girl, don’t overreact. It’s just a bump in the road.
Edit Tips
don’t be afraid to ditch make-up
wear what you feel comfortable in
don’t fight over stupid things

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