How to Enjoy a Blind Date

Go into the date with no expectations. Don’t go into a blind date expecting that this person could be your soul mate, split-apart, or twin flame. When you set the bar too high, you set yourself up for disappointment.
Remember it doesn’t have to be a love connection. Go into the date without the label of «date.» Get it in your mind that it’s a meet-up or a friendly outing. A different label will send a message to your mind and heart that whatever will be, will be. If love comes out of it, then it will be a pleasant surprise—icing on the cake.
Consider it practice. So, this person may not be Mr. or Miss Right, but that’s okay. This outing is great practice for when the right one comes along. Practice your table manners, venue picking, conversation skills, punctuality, and clothing choice. The more meet-ups you make, the more practice you get, so enjoy!
Look at it as a new social connection. If your «blind date» doesn’t give you butterflies, don’t write him off completely. You could be an asset to one another. Utilize (not use) each other for information, business, handiwork, other social connections, and future friendly outings. And you never know—he could be the person that will introduce you to your one true love.
One step closer to «the one»
One step closer to «the one»
Stay positive. The world has more than 7 billion people and the more you meet, the closer you get to «the one.»
Edit Warnings
If there is no love connection, let the person know near the middle or end of the meet-up. Tell him/her although you don’t feel it is a love connection, you are happy you made a new friend. Tell the person near the middle or end so the person won’t think it’s based on his/her appearance. Make real plans to meet-up again if you think you can be friends.

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