How to Determine if Your Partner Is at Risk for HIV or AIDS

Look at your partner’s profession.
While the risk is very low if universal precautions are taken, medical staff can be at risk of HIV transmission if there is an accidental injury from a needle or other sharp object that has been contaminated with the HIV virus. If there is exposure to a potentially dangerous situation, testing should take place as needed to assess the risks of exposure.
Workers in the sex industry are at a high risk for contracting HIV because of both their sexual behavior and their needle use. Previous research addresses the lack of a barrier method with main partners.
Assess if your partner has a history of or presently uses intravenous drugs, including steroids. HIV can be transmitted through the reuse of blood-contaminated needles or by syringes used by other people.
Determine the amount of past partners your significant other has had and what protection methods were used. This conversation may be a difficult one to have, but it is necessary for your peace of mind regarding the subject.
Find out if the tattoos or piercings that your significant other has are from reputable locations. Facilities that follow regulations either use single-use instruments or sterilize their repeat-use equipment between customers. If your significant other has a tattoo or piercing that was not done in one of these settings, there is a chance for HIV infection if a contaminated device was used.
Seek information about whether your partner has played a contact sport where he or she might have come into proximity of someone else’s blood or bodily fluid while he or she had a cut or open sore.
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Go with your partner to be tested if the subject is a concern for you. You are protecting each person’s health by stepping up and doing so, and reluctance on his or her part to participate might be a red flag.

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