How to Lose a Bad Date

Frankly, honesty is the best policy. If the date is not happening, then its just not happening there are ways you can express your non-interest to the other person without deceiving them or being rude, however, if you are too chicken to tell the truth and wish to punish yourself by staying then here are some steps:
Arrange for someone to call (or text message) you about 45 minutes to an hour into the date.
If the date is going well, then just say casually (if it was a phone call instead of text message) «Yes, all right» then continue your successful date. If your date asks you about the phone call, you’ll have to make something up. For example, «That was Karen calling to check homework for Chemistry class» or «That was my roommate telling me I didn’t get any mail»
If the date is a stinker, play it cool, and when mom/best friend calls say «Uh oh. What happened?…..Oh, no…..OK….I’m on my way!» Politely apologize to your date, saying you have a family emergency or a friend emergency. If he/she asks what’s going on, just say, «Its probably nothing my mom/friend/sister (whoever you had call/text message) is having an issue and I have to be with them» Don’t act like it’s a 4-alarm fire, that will not be believable.
Ways To Avoid GOING on a Bad Date:
First off you wouldn’t want to go on a date with someone you barely know. Take the time to get to know the person through impersonal means like e-mails, text messages, phone calls, etc. Allow this to happen before you actually go out with the person, you may find that you aren’t compatible through these ways and it is less expensive and stressful than going out and arranging for someone to call you and get you out of the date.
After you’ve gotten to know the person through the means mentioned above, agree to go on a group date or a double date which is less formal and may be more conducive to a comfortable atmosphere.
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If you’ve gotten to know the person through text/email/phone conversations and you don’t think a date would be a good idea tell the person being friends would be a much better option for the both of you. Or you could say, I have to be honest and let you know that I’m not really interested in dating seriously right now. I’ve gotten to know you better through our phone conversations I hope we could be friends.»
Make sure your caller is aware of their instructions and doesn’t forget to call.
Attempt to make the date, whether you decide to make it group, double, or one on one, somewhere less formal than say a dinner date. Make the date for coffee or dessert which are less expensive and require less commitment than dinner. Also, you should agree to go dutch.
Make sure (if you choose to go down the path of deception) your caller is aware of where you’re going. If you’re going to the movies, for example, you may be unable to use your cell phone.
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Before you lie, consider being honest. Try these non-threatening and non-accusatory ways — but do it early on in the date. Waiting until you’re standing on her doorstep when she’s hoping for a kiss goodnight will not be good timing. Or telling him after he’s paid the dinner bill for both of you will suck:
Tell him/her: «You know what, you’re a really nice guy/girl and I can see that right now, but let me be honest. I can tell right now that we’re not a match. If you’re up for coffee with a friend, I’m in, though.»
Your date may have experienced the whole «family emergency in the middle of the date» scenario. This could be a bad situation for you because you’ll be the one hurting their feelings. Just be honest!

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