How to Date a Dutch Girl

Interest yourself a little in Dutch culture. Don’t learn too much. If you do, you can be seen as a know-it-all. Know just enough to show her that you are open to her culture. Words like «Sinterklaas» (dutch Santa Claus), and «oliebollen» (a cross between a donut hole and a cream puff) are always sure to get her attention. it also has a high chance of coming across as «cute». Be aware as well that the Dutch are usually fluent in English, if not also another language next to Dutch and know a lot about your culture. So don’t feel dumb when she blows your mind with her knowledge about your culture and language while you don’t know a lot about hers, because she is used to it.
DON’T show affection too easily! Dutch culture is very stoic (unemotional). This, however, doesn’t mean that you can only tell her you love her when you are married. Just don’t throw it in her face after just a few weeks.
Save money on dates! While most girls love being lavished on, girls that are very Dutch will admire you more if you can save a bit of money. You can actually find great items at thrift stores, while making a joke out of the bad ones.
Be aware that «the Dutch way», which means that you split the bill during a date, goes a little too far. You don’t have to pay every time you go out with her, but even Dutch girls are sensitive to some chivalry.
Be yourself. While dutch girls might have slight differences of culture, they are still girls just like any other. They want a confident guy overall.
Edit Tips
Dutch girls are usually quite outgoing and direct. This has nothing to do with wanting to draw attention or being unthoughtful, it’s just a matter of culture.
Certain words that are offensive in typical North American culture are not offensive in dutch culture. Words such as that which starts with S are pretty tame.
Dutch girls don’t want a cheap guy, they want one who can save his money. Casually let her see some of the money that you have saved up.
Edit Warnings
Dutch culture can be blunt. If she declines your advances, she won’t know how to soften the blow very well. Just because it sounds harsh doesn’t mean she means it harshly.

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