How to Ask a Guy to Dance

Decide one guy to dance with.
Think of what you’re going to say
If he’s popular and you’re not say something like «Hey, I just saw you over here alone, and I was wondering if you want to dance?»
If you’re both popular, or you’re popular and he’s not, you can probably be blunt and say «Want to dance?»
After you’ve decided what to say, walk over to ask.
This is where he says yes or no.
If he says «Yes» then he probably likes you
If he says «No» gently, then there’s a chance he just doesn’t want to dance, whether if it was you, or another girl he does or doesn’t like more than you.
If he says no abruptly and without thinking, he probably doesn’t like you, sorry to say.
Edit Tips
The reason that step one is there, is that guys don’t like it when you dance with other guys at the same dance. That makes you look easy to them, and most guys don’t like easy girls.
For this to work, you need some confidence. You won’t be able to go through with it and will have an embarrassing situation on your hands if you don’t.
If you are no longer in school, and are out at a club or a bar, do not use step 2 exactly, because usually there are no longer «popular» and «unpopular» after high school.

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