How to Be Confident Without Expensive Clothes

Update the clothing you already have by adding some personal touches. When you make something your own and add your personal style to it, you can feel proud of what you are wearing.
Borrow cool items from friends and let them borrow items of yours for a feeling of a new piece of clothing without the high price.
There is a website that will allow you to rent designer clothing items such as dresses and purses for a way less price than buying. Sure, you will have to send it back, but you will look fabulous for a special date, dance, or event. Couture clothes for a cheaper price! Check it out.
Adding an awesome piece of jewelry can up the style on your everyday outfits. Put on a cool necklace or funky earrings that you really enjoy to match an old blouse or dress.
Pair bargain finds and old clothing with new pieces when you get the chance. Save up and buy that one perfect purse you’ve been looking at for a month, or the sweet shoes you saw on tv. They might be more expensive than a whole outfit, but you will love that you have them and can mix and match with things you already own to feel good about it. Buy a skirt at a designer store and a perfect top to go with it at a thrift store or garage sale. Only you have to know, and it will still look amazing!
If you are a girl, experiment with different kinds of makeup (if you like makeup). Having a fresh and flirty glow, or punky, edgy eyes will make you forget about your clothes, but will also draw attention to your face and not your clothes. If you feel more confident, you will smile more and a smile improves your looks by a lot!
When you pass a mirror, stop and look at yourself and give a compliment. Is you hair doing what you want today? Do your new earrings compliment your eyes? Tell yourself that you look great often and soon you will believe it!
Remember that confidence not only comes from how you look, but also by how you feel about yourself. Be a good person and do kind things. Meet goals that you set for yourself and always work on self improvement. Read a book, learn to play an instrument, study a new language, paint a picture…the possibilities are endless to make you into an accomplished, more confident person. Now get started!
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