How to Reject a Sensitive Guy

Approach him alone. You should never reject a guy where everyone can watch, especially around his friends. Declining him is bad enough, he doesn’t need to be made fun of, too.
Tell him gently. Obviously, you’re going to want to let this guy down easily. Don’t go shouting in his face about how stupid he is or how lame he is and how he will never, ever get a girlfriend. Just tell him no thank you and wish him luck with the next girl.
Keep this event quiet. Telling your girlfriends about this sensitive guy asking you out is a very dangerous thing to do. Girls have big mouths and in less than three days, everyone will know about the little incident between you and the guy, and he does not want to be traumatized by all those rumors. Keep it hush, hush and walk away from it all like it never even happened.
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Remember to approach your sensitive guy alone, let him down gently, and pretend it never happened.

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