How to Balance Teenage Life

Write down your life: Grab a pen and some paper and write down everything that’s going on in your life. Classify all the information, such as «To-do», «Goals», «Commitments». Make the list as personal as you want (you can even doodle on it; it’s your life and not anybody else’s).
Take notes at school: Sure, it’s as boring as the video of your fourth birthday party, but writing down notes at school or college can help you very much three weeks before your exams. You don’t have to refer to the bulky textbooks.
Help out at home: You may be nearly an adult, but you’ll need to prove that to your family. Help out around the home whenever you can to gain some respect and lighten the load on those you live with. You’ll also feel better because you managed to help someone lessen their work.
Spend time with friends: Take time to hang around with the people who you get on with; it can help you to enjoy life if you work too hard. Also, people who have high hopes in life can pass on ambition to you.
Spend time with that special someone: Ensure that you spend quality time with your date. Just five minutes together can brighten the day for both of you.
Save money: Whenever some cash comes your way, put a little aside for the future. A pound a week will soon accumulate.
Work on looking great: Spending time on your looks is fantastic for your self esteem. If you look presentable, you’ll feel confident and fabulous.
Get enough sleep: Tip — nodding off at school is humiliating. Getting enough shut-eye does wonders for your mood and helps you to be alert tomorrow. Around eight hours of snooze is the minimum you should get. Getting sleep also makes you look much better (see point 7).
Breathe when stressed: It sounds odd, but when you find yourself overwrought, just by concentrating on your breathing, you can focus on today and let go of your stress.
Stress is the devil of teenage life. Try not to hold on to anger, hatred or jealousy. These guarantee you a one-way ticket to stress land.
A healthy diet is a very good way to improving your emotional state. Vegetables can be boring… but fast food every day can be lethal to a teenager.
To avoid «bad stress,» or to get away from it all, try finding an outlet for yourself. For example, join the swim team, start a diary, or even volunteer at an animal shelter once a week. In time, you’ll find that even the little things you do will relieve your stress in the long run. =D
Edit Warnings
Don’t ever take out your stress on your friends — especially not that «special someone». It will only ever lead to guilt, then jealousy, then before you know it… you’re at square one again.

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