How to Ask Your Crush out in Five Minutes

The first thing to do is practice. Grab a mirror and look into your eyes and say something passionate as if you were saying it to your crush.
You need nice clothes.
If you are asking a guy out, you need to participate.
Go to the hottest new clothing store in your local mall e.g: Aeropostale, Macy’s, JcPenny’s, Hot Topic, or whatever you like.
Look for something that fits your hot figure.
Don’t purposely approach him in front of a group of people. You don’t want to pressure him into saying yes even if he might have doubts, would you?
Start the conversation off. Come up to him and say something cute and funny for example: «Hey! I haven’t seen you in a while. I was just about to put your face on a milk carton.» Let him respond.
Get to the point. Look into his eyes and say these exact words, «Wondering if you have a girl. ‘Cause I’m always free. And I would like to have you as a boyfriend.»
Depending on the guy, you might want to be a bit more vague, especially if there are others around. (no point in publicly embarrassing both of you if he says no)
If he says yes. Go to how to be a good girlfriend. If not,go to how to deal with rejection.
Edit Tips
Try and act casual when you talk.
Be flirty with him.
Don’t be too shy, I myself am shy around my crush, but you will be most likely happy with the outcome :).
Try something new with your hair. Like put it in a twist or a bun.
Edit Warnings
If the boy you’re planning to ask out isn’t extremely popular and/or doesn’t wear preppy brand-name clothes such as Abercrombie, and you don’t wear them regularly, don’t wear stuff like that especially for the occasion.
Also, don’t wear too much makeup, eyeliner/eyeshadow, lipstick, etc. Some boys find that creepy.
Don’t act stuck up to him either.
Don’t say creepy jokes.
Don’t freakout if he says no or yes.
Dress appropriately and comfortably
Edit Things You’ll Need
A smile
A great personality

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