How to Find a Rich Woman to Date

Hang out where you know a lot of rich people are. You don’t have to move to Palm Beach or anything. Try an exclusive fitness center, an upscale restaurant, or country club.
If you see that she’s got a designer bag and sunglasses then you can probably go for it. Be careful and learn to recognize impostors.
Dress in all white (only if before labor day); many people don’t know this but white makes you seem richer. Act like you’re important and if you can, get someone to call you and yell at them on the phone for a while. Consider investing in a nice and expensive phone.
Hang up and look to see if you’ve caught her eye. If so, approach her and try to make small talk, see if you can find out what her dad does for a living. If he’s a surgeon, lawyer or if you recognize his name… you’ve found your girl! Ask her out to somewhere expensive, like Morton’s. This is the one gamble because you’re obviously going to have to pay for the first date and you do not want her to think you are miserly so don’t be afraid to splurge. If she’s really hot you may not want to waste your time unless she seems to really dig you. Get her number and don’t call her for a few days. You want to seem mysterious and hard to get. Don’t seem available or desperate.
Congratulations! The hard part is over! Now all you have to do is impress her on your date and you’re in! Sorry but you’re going to have to go shopping and buy something way hot. Go «all in» and get her a single red rose (a dozen seems desperate). Wear a memorable cologne. Pro Tip: If you can spray some on her clothes (in secret) before the night is over, you will jog her memory when she goes to take off her clothes. This will get her remembering you and wanting more. Be a gentleman on your date. Have a friend call you in the middle of the date. Apologize profusely to your hot date and speak briefly but with class to your friend. She will be intrigued and think of her important Daddy.
Buy her something. Any girl loves knowing that a man will buy her ice cream or pay for the meal. If you are at a park, take a picture, get her a souvenir to remember you by. Be a nice guy and tip the waiter, if you want to be in her class, better look like it.
For your second date go somewhere free. Try a walk in the park or the beach. It won’t break the bank and will show her you have a softer side. Have your buddy call you again but instead of answering it this time look at the call and turn off your phone or, better yet, if she will fall for it, do like in the movies and break it. She will instantly be in love with you.
If all goes well the two of you will soon be tighter than ever. Begin to let her offer to pay and soon things will fall in to place. Research her dad on the Internet or talk to his assistants and see if you can find his interests. When she takes you to meet them, bring a bottle of the most expensive wine (try your parents’ wine collection if you live near them) Tell her mom you know where her daughter got her looks and make sure you compliment her father’s cars, house, pool, etc. and make sure you talk about those interests you found out about him. It helps to bring «props» if possible. Never lie, just stretch the truth.
Falling in love with this girl is always a plus. You will never have to worry about money again.
When she finds out you’ve got nothing, blame it on the stock market crash.
Make sure you got game.
Before marriage, make sure you both have chemistry.
Winning her dad over is key.
You have to decide early on whether your rich persona will be nouveau riche or old money rich. Both approaches have upsides and downsides.
In the long run, money won’t make you compatible so try to find your own ways to become rich, instead of looking for someone with money.
Wear expensive cologne.
You might end up marrying a woman that you do not love. This is a good recipe for an unhappy life. Then again, this won’t be such a big deal since you will be able to cash in on alimony payments when the marriage ends up in divorce.

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