Dating Tips For Men ver.2

Do activities and attend events that are more likely to lead you to meeting new people. You are not likely to meet women by constantly going to your friend’s house and watching football or having dinner with your married friends. Make sure you get out to functions where males and females consort together.

If you are looking to eventually be married, try to set a timeline by which you would like to accomplish that goal. This is not something that fate might just take care of. Treat this as you would any career goal. If you want to get married in two years, then swear to yourself you will find a partner within that time frame.

Try to choose women who are emotionally available. If a woman is very good-looking and has eighty other men after her she may not be emotionally available.

Also beware of the woman who talks constantly about her ex. In all likelihood, she will project some of her resentment or reminiscences about him onto you. People who confess to addictions, poverty, a history of mental illness or domestic violence may also not qualify as a dream date.

Make a strategy for getting out there and circulating in the determining where you are most likely to meet women. Join clubs, societies, sports events, drama groups, anything where you are likely to meet potential partners.

Join a quality Internet dating agency for free and post a profile/ if possible. Take your time and check your mail occasionally. Even if you never date online at least it will boost your confidence and spirits and allow you to practice flirting again.

Once you have asked a woman out on a date, there are five basic guidelines to follow in order to make sure it is a success.

Make sure you arrive on time. If you are tardy the woman might resent you for causing her the anxiety of not knowing whether or not you are going to show up on time. Also, don’t show up too early, as women don’t like to be seen «getting ready.»
Bring flowers. I know it is a cliche but you can’t go wrong. Tulips, sunflowers, lilies and freesia are good for first dates. Bring roses if you have been seeing each other a while.
Be a gentleman. Make sure you open doors for her, pull out her chair and wait for her to be seated before sitting down. Mind your table manners and keep a considerate eye on her needs at all times.
Don’t talk business. Most women find a man who boasts or brags about his work or who goes on too much about his ideals and aims to be boring.
Keep your sense of humor. Always find ways to make her smile. However, dirty or risqué jokes are not appropriate.

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