How to Make a Man Never Forget You

Laugh. Laugh at his jokes, laugh at his imperfections. Showing amusement when he cracks a joke will boost his confidence, and poking playful fun at him — without going overboard or insulting him — will make him feel comfortable showing his goofy side. Don’t make him self-conscious, but it’s okay to giggle if he stumbles over what he’s trying to say or pulls a clumsy moment. Guys want a girl with a lighthearted sense of humor.
Communicate clearly. Guys aren’t the greatest at picking up on subtle cues and figuring out what’s really going on in a girlfriend’s head. Help him out when you’re unhappy with something he has done by telling him honestly and concisely what you’re thinking and feeling. It may be tempting to give him the silent treatment or want him to figure out why you’re upset on his own, but he’s not going to decode your message, and the unhappiness will linger.

Support him when he’s feeling down. It’s more important to be there for your man when he’s struggling at work or facing a family problem than when you think he needs fashion advice or isn’t managing his money the way you would. Show up for him when he truly needs it.
Cut him a break. Girls are known naggers, and if you are one and you can’t break this habit completely, your boy deserves slack.. Let him get away with a snooty comment if he’s having a bad week, kiss him goodbye sweetly as he heads off to boys-only poker night and stay quiet when he gets you lost for the third time on the same car trip.
Maintain your social life and get involved in his. You should meet each other’s friends. Be nice to his and don’t spend the rest of your evening telling your guy which one of his friend’s was a chauvinistic pig and which one was dumb. They’re his friends; accept them. Introduce your man to your friends, too, and spare him the gossip and catty talk. Save that for your girls’ nights.

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