How to Have a Healthy Relationship in 7 Easy Steps

Communicate with one another. You should talk often, and communicate your feelings and opinions to one another. This will not only help the other see how you are feeling, but it may also help you articulate some confusing emotions that you may have.
Listen to one another, taking the time to try to understand the other person’s perspective. You should listen intently and ask plenty of questions, which communicates to your partner that you care about the subject matter.

Check on your relationship periodically. You don’t want to become overly concerned with maintaining the relationship, but a periodic checkup can help. Ask your partner about the relationship and how things are going. This can help you see how the other other feels at certain stages of the relationship.
Resolve conflicts at the right time. You may be tempted to handle problems immediately out of fear that they may become worse. However, sometimes it is better to wait until both parties have cooled off, at which point you can talk rationally about a good solution.
Keep a balanced lifestyle. New relationships make it tempting to spend all of your time with your significant other, but you should maintain a good balance of friends, family and your significant other. If your life becomes imbalanced, then you may begin to blame your significant other for your problems, which can hurt the relationship. Balance will keep you levelheaded.
Allow your relationship to grow and change. All people change with time, and you can change together if you are mindful of each other’s feelings. You should be open to change, and think of ways that you can change together. For example, if your significant other picks up a new hobby, then you can be supportive and try to join in the new hobby.
Accept your differences and allow those to strengthen your relationship. Don’t view your differences as problems, but view them as an opportunity for you to be with someone who will bring you out of your comfort zone. Differences can bring about a good change in both people, and they don’t always have to be problems.

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