How to Impress Your Boyfriend’s Mother

Try to be the most polite version of yourself in order to impress her. Mothers generally want to think their son has landed a respectful, polite and classy woman. Be sure to stick to the standards and say «please» and «thank you.» However, try not to be so polite that you come off as fake.
Dress to impress. The last thing you want to do is shock your boyfriend’s mother with clothing that’s too wild or revealing. While it’s great to show off your personal style, consider taking it down a notch if your look tends toward the extreme.

Bring a small gift. It isn’t necessary to blow your budget or get too extravagant, but a small token is appropriate, especially if your boyfriend is playing host or his mother is playing hostess. A small potted plant or appetizer is a great hostess gift.
Be polite and gracious towards your boyfriend. If your relationship is playfully sarcastic, you might want to tone it down when you meet your boyfriend’s mother if she might have a problem with the dynamic.
Carry on a genuine conversation. If you are interested in your boyfriend and his life, you are automatically interested in his mother. By carrying on a meaty conversation and taking a real interest in what his mother has to say, you can gain extra insight into your boyfriend’s lifestyle and habits and impress his mother.

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