How to Call After a First Date

Start by being real. Some of the stress and anxiety you may feel upon making a phone call to the person with whom you’ve had a first date is related to the act many people put on during the early days of a relationship. You want so much to be sure that your date likes you that you overanalyze every move you make during the date and beyond. That usually leads to hours of agony next to the phone, debating whether to call or not to call. Take a deep breath and ask yourself, «Do I want to call this person?» If the answer is yes, go with it. Stop worrying that you might seem eager if you call too soon.
Develop a list of talking points. There is nothing worse than an awkward silence during a telephone conversation. It is during those awful silent moments that one of the two parties involved will say something purely for the sake of filling in the empty space which can quickly steer the conversation toward a turn for the worse. When you make up talking points (either mentally or on a piece of notepaper) you can ensure that you will have something interesting to say should there be an overly long pause in your conversation.

Be prepared for an answering machine. If your date doesn’t answer, you may get the machine. Many television sitcoms and Hollywood movies have built entire scenes around disastrous telephone messages. Don’t let the machine catch you off guard. Have a brief, friendly message prepared and leave your phone number. Say goodbye and hang up.
Schedule your call at a time when it is likely to be convenient for your date. If you know your date works until 6:00, a phone call at 6:15 would not be wise. You want to time it so that you will be reaching your date during a time that is conducive to conversing in a comfortable, unrushed manner.
Once you make the call, do your best to let the conversation unfold naturally. Try not to nervously dominate all of the talking and resist the impulse to become shy and quiet. If the phone call is to lead to a second date, the conversation will probably comfortably lead itself in that direction anyway, so there is really no reason to be nervous.

Tips & Warnings
Do not eat while on the phone. Even if you really hit it off, this will not come across well.
Ignore your call waiting should you receive another phone call while talking to your date—there is no polite way to cut your conversation short just to answer the phone.

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