First Date Clothing Ideas

Consider the Location
Overdressing in cocktail attire for a simple coffee date or dressing in jean shorts and a tank top for a dinner at a formal restaurant will not do. Before you even begin to consider your date outfit, think about where you will be going. Dress in a manner reflective of this date destination to ensure that you don’t stick out. For example, if you are going on a lunch date, opt for a casual yet cute summer dress or a pair of khaki cargo pants and a solid-colored polo. If you two are going to a movie, try a pair of denim capri pants and a graphic T-shirt or a pair of jeans and a button-up plaid shirt.
Keep Him Guessing
While you may wish to look a bit sexy on this first date to pique your potential new partner’s interest, you also don’t want to appear too easy to get. To ensure that your date doesn’t get the wrong impression of you, keep yourself moderately covered up. In doing so, you can both capture his curiosity and show him what type of girl you are. For a modest yet sexy option, try a pencil skirt and a fitted T-shirt in a complimentary hue that outlines your figure without showing too much.

Be Your Style Self
Don’t be so concerned about looking the part on your date that you dress in a manner that is not reflective of who you actually are. If you are considering forming a new relationship with your date, you want her to get to know you, and dressing as you normally would is one way to show her who you are. If you’re a jokester, for example, wear a T-shirt emblazoned with a funny, yet appropriate message. You may get a chuckle out of your new romantic interest and you will show her you have a sense of humor.
Try a Sassy Shoe
One area in which you can have a little fun on your first date is in the footwear department. If you are worried about crossing a fashion line, but still want to have a bit of fun, try a sassy red pump or a bold black boot, showing your date that you are more than meets the eye.
Look Like You Tried
Regardless of which outfit you ultimately decide to wear, it is wise to spend a little time laundering and ironing your first-date wear. Even if you have detested ironing since you burned your finger pressing your shirt for seventh-grade picture day, getting the wrinkles out of your first-date Oxford is a wise choice. Tackling this task is an effective way to show your new romantic partner that you care enough to put a little effort into your appearance.

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